April 24, 2014

Saint Francis University

Saint Francis University
Loretto, PA

Since its beginning in 1847, Saint Francis University has established an exceptional track record of success. Standing the test of time, the University upholds its commitment - now 150 years strong - to offering high quality academic programs, an active student life, leadership opportunities, and personalized attention from dedicated professionals - all within a Franciscan tradition. At Saint Francis, you benefit from a strong liberal arts foundation which fosters such essential skills as critical thinking, written and oral communication, problem solving - qualities which will help you excel in your professional and personal endeavors. Our excellent academic programs (including an innovative self-designed major) offer fields of study to meet a wide range of interests. You are taught by professors, not graduate assistants. As a result of our low 14:1 student/faculty ratio, you're assured of the instructor's full attention within and beyond the classroom. Saint Francis University faculty stress hands-on experiences such as internships, research, case studies, fieldwork, and interaction with professionals.


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